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2011 Ford Fusion Sport Review

High over travelers this is Lyn David Cole with over travel TV today I’m reviewing the 2011 Fusion sport this a great little car I just love driving around town has all wheel drive your car in a rain storm or something and you need to get somewhere is not gonna lose traction is goingcontinue…

How to Remove Install Headlights for Honda Accord

I motor sports now today I’m gonna show you know stole the headlines for 2003 to 2007 Honda accord projector. So here the tools required the installation. Phillips screwdriver. Flat head screwdriver 10 millimeters talk you know ratchet. And if your needle nose pliers I So to begin with you’re gonnaneed to remove the simple life screws holdingcontinue…

Delphi revives Apple CarPlay.

Delphi has developed a microchip, allowing car multimedia system and iPhone work simultaneously in the host mode. Back in 2012 the system CarPlay was announced by Apple. The system had to perform the function of integration of iPhone into the car multimedia system, which would allow using the navigation, audio player and getting the messagecontinue…

On-board computer in a car – a modern instrument of accurate indicators.

On-board computer in a car is an important element, necessary addition that allows you to monitor the fuel consumption, to see him, to monitor the level of electrolyte in the battery, check the oil level. The computer will show a problem with antifreeze, lights, fix your high-speed mode that can play in your favor orcontinue…

Tire pressure

For many motorists, the tire pressure is not the most important parameter, which is not necessarily to be followed. Improper tire pressure can result in severe damage. In the case of lower pressure, the tire forms a larger contact patch with the road, which slightly improves the car’s traction with the road surface. Thus, thecontinue…

Necessary car parts

Personal car is the favorite “child” of their owners. Irrespective of their gender and age, the car owners devote it a lot of time. Of course, first of all, they monitor the technical condition of their vehicle, which is quite understandable, as it their safety depends on it. Apart from that, the car owners carecontinue…

All the spare parts in one place

All the spare parts in one place. Each motorist, regardless of their driving abilities and brand of the car, you need to periodically buy auto parts. Perhaps some of you reading this will remember the Soviet times, when to buy auto parts was very difficult – they had been literally to get on that sometimescontinue…

Advantages and disadvantages of Xenon

Advantages and disadvantages of Xenon. With the development of vehicles, starting with the first and ending with the current models, designers has always been faced with the best backside illumination of the road during driving in the dark. Initially, the gas lamps were installed on the machines, then we began to apply the vacuum bulbs,continue…